Food Allergies

For many years I personally struggled with my health.  I had a vast array of seemingly unrelated ailments which were unable to be diagnosed.  Doctor’s treated the symptoms but never did get to the root cause.  After many years of working with various specialists as well as doing my own personal research I was diagnosed with several food allergies.  At first the news was overwhelming and devastating.  What would I eat?  How could I go out and enjoy time with friends and family when food was involved?  Going through this alone my diet became bland and boring.  I’ve since learned how to alter recipes and create delicious meals.  Several years later I am healthy, happy and enjoying life – food and all.

Through my journey, I have worked with registered dieticians and nutritionists who would continue to prescribe me foods I was allergic to.  My work with you will be completely personalized to your unique dietary needs.

With my personal experience I can help you navigate the scary world of food allergies and help you feel better than you have in years!


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