Customer Reviews

“When I met Erin I was reasonably new to running and we discussed some of the issues I was encountering: endurance and speed. She suggested I add strength training and spinning  to my workout regimen, as well as increase the number of ab workouts I was doing every week. The best thing was she offered to help. She switched strength training and abs up every month to keep muscles guessing and we did spin class at least twice a week. I definitely started seeing results. I actually started seeing muscles I hadn’t seen in years. I lost weight and I cut my half marathon time by 30 minutes. When I became pregnant, she continued to help me train safely to ensure I stayed healthy throughout my pregnancy. At my first 5K after I delivered, I was very surprised I beat my personal record by 6 minutes. I really enjoyed training with Erin and the best thing is I saw results.”


“Working out never seemed fun to me, I could find a hundred of other things to do instead. But working out with Erin is so fun! She customized  each workout to meet our needs and also got me to enjoy it in the process! I actually now enjoy going to the gym or spin classes!”


Regarding indoor cycling classes:

“I loved the theme day!  It was so creative!  It gave me a lot of motivation to push hard through class”


“I love how hard you are pushing us but you do it in a way that makes us want to push hard”



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